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"As one of the most intense and gripping books in the horror genre, ‘The Three Doors’ is a medley of

paranormal, romance, religion and historical fiction. While geared towards mature readers with a hardy shell,

the book is resonating with open-minded readers around the world." - Piece of Cake PR

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Listen to Jocelyn Pook's haunting "Masked Ball" while reading the

synopsis below, and imagine the evil temple inside the castle:



Jared Helm is transported out-of-body to mystifying destinations. One evening, his imperceptible spirit embarks on a journey to an amazing castle bordering the ocean. Though the importance of the venture eludes him at first, he eventually learns that the castle is the stomping ground of a murderous sect abducting people for ritual sacrifice. Jared and some trustworthy friends and colleagues delve further into the inner workings of the group. However, meddling proves perilous when the young woman he loves becomes targeted.

An offshoot of the English and Irish Hellfire Clubs of old, the evil cult's castle is located on the seacoast of lower Maine. The group's fanatical Master, whose lineage reaches back to royalty and to rapscallion leaders of old, stops at nothing in his quest to please Satan. And although the previous clubs were known for wild and toxic behavior, this one takes those traits to malevolent heights. It's all about power, greed, devil worship, sexual perversion, drugs, and murder.

"The Three Doors" sends readers on a paranormal rollercoaster of horror and thrills, into the astral plane of existence that's invisible to most yet entered frequently by those who dare. But beware: it's not for young minds, the thin-skinned, or the vulnerable. Though trouble hits home quickly, the story moves deeper into sinister territory when the New England seasonal change enters the autumnal equinox on the approach to Samhain.


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